Midnight Express Menu

Menu Hots ….

• Soups, corn chicken, tomato, wonton noddle

• Rice, Plain, fried vegetarian, cus cus

• Chicken, Korean fried chicken, Crispy chicken wings, drunken chicken

• Bao Buns, Pork belly, drunken chicken, Korean, fried chicken

• Skewers, Chicken, beef, pork $2 each or as a meal (served with rice and sauce)

• Deep fryer: Chips, fish, prawn twists, onion rings, pork apple schnitzel, chicken nuggets, fish cakes, fish bites, crumbed chicken. Bang bang cauliflower.

• Grill. Pork riblets, sausages, meat balls

• Cha su pork

• Muffins

• Protein shakes

• Hot Meat, bbq pork, pulled pork, chicken, meat balls,

• Press Toasted sandwiches, Panini ( vac packed ready to go ) Coffee coffee coffee Colds ….

• Drinks Charlies, red bull, coke. (remove coke and sweet machines )

• Ice-cream ready to go movinpick, sweet streets,

• Sandwiches, cakes

• Smoothies and milk shakes Premix ready to go